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At Naval Mair Osteopathy & Wellbeing, we will ensure that the treatments you get are of high standards because of our recommended products and partners in London.

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Recommended products

We work with top quality products and partners

If you would like to use the services of our affiliated partners, then post an email enquiry to and we’ll happily introduce you.


Amazing oils for the face:

Maternity nurses: Geraldine Miskin

Dental surgeons: 1. Elliott Stevenson Smith, 2.Morris Weinstein

Fit walk: Fiona Fontaine

Massage therapist: Tamara Figaji

Aromatherapy: 1.Elaine Tomkins, 2. Verde

Payroll specialist:

Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & Pilates:  Tamara Figaji

Builders: 1. Redsky Ltd, 2. 3D Team -3D Team are a professional Soft Strip Out and Waste Management company supplying services to the commercial sector.

Psychotherapist: Ros Carmen

Play therapist: Clarejane Lewis

Psychologist and career manager: Claire Keogh

Reiki: Georgiana Monkton

Spiritual counselling: Kate Surgey

Emotional freedom technique master: Emma Roberts

Meditation: Angus Ford-Robertson

Yoga: Angus Ford-Robertson

Lotte Burke teacher: Nikki Whiteford

Interior & exterior residential project management & affordable design: Charlie&Moie

Wealth manager: Liz Kunzler

Hypnotherapist: Angus Ford-Robertson

Life coach: Sam Wigan

Nutritional therapist: Yasmina Thumas Bona

Medical herbalist & nutritional therapist: Jennifer Derham

Traditional Chinese acupuncture: Melanie Hackwell

Homeopath: Patty Hemmingway

Neurosurgeon: John Sutcliff, Neurosurgeon (Sub-specialities: Cancer Surgery, Brain Surgery, Neck Surgery, Spinal Surgery): Nicholas Thomas

Orthopaedic (spinal and trauma) surgeon: Colin Natali

Knee surgeon: Charles Gibbons

Foot surgeon: Barry Francis

Hand surgeon: Elliot Sorene

Our affiliated partners

RockTape is sold at Naval Mair Osteopathy & Wellbeing. For sports injuries, it is our taping of choice. Unlike traditional athletic tape that binds and doesn't stretch, Rocktape is engineered to mimic the human skin. This stretchiness is the secret behind Rocktape. Rocktape stretches up to 180% of its original length but has amazing 'snap-back' or recovery. This is what gives Rocktape its performance advantage over other tapes.

Rosalena is a range of daily moisturising face oils made with carefully chosen pure, natural plant ingredients and no preservatives. The face oil is beautifully but naturally scented and combines oils that are instantly absorbed resulting in shine free hydration with an added delivery of vitamins and potent botanical actives for glowing, healthy, radiant skin. Enjoy the application too - pause to appreciate the benefits of the aromatic oils.

Physicool is a medically formulated coolant that is used globally throughout hospitals, manual therapy practices, sports arenas and at home. The versatile Physicool Cooling Bandage has proved to greatly reduce swelling and inflammation, reducing pain whilst helping speed up the recovery process, getting people back up on their feet fast!

Biofreeze is the only analgesic containing ILEX, which works by dramatically cooling the affected areas, achieving pain relief in two ways: By reducing blood supply to the area and by reducing the ability of the nerve to conduct pain stimuli. Biofreeze fully penetrates joints and muscles in three minutes and gives effective pain relief for hours - without pills. Maximum benefit will be felt after 2 - 3 applications. Ingredients isopropyl alcohol.

Foam rolling is a self-help technique used often by athletes and advocated by some therapists to inhibit overactive muscles. This form of stretching improves soft tissue extensibility, and relaxes muscle.

Aloe Heat lotion is a pH-balanced, massage lotion designed for a soothing, relaxing muscular relief. The deep penetrating power of aloe vera will help both muscles and skin.

Fortuna Orthopaedic Products - supports, braces, collars, and equipment – are available with us to make your rehabilitation a much faster, smoother process.

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