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Over the years, at Naval Mair Osteopathy & Wellbeing, we have been providing osteopathic services for children and adults.

•  Back pain

•  Sports injuries

•  Pregnancy-related pain

•  Muscle pain and more

The team at Naval Mair Osteopathy & Wellbeing consists of well qualified osteopaths, so you can have peace of mind.

Having seen over 150,000 cases over the last 25 years, Naval Mair decided to introduce IDD Therapy® to South London. His is the first clinic in South London to deliver this ground  breaking technology to patients for whom the only choice historically would have been spinal surgery or injections.


Globally over 7 million courses of treatment have reflected a 75 to 80% success rate. Tens of thousands of patients get relief from the pain of a slipped disc and from degenerative disc disease that has not responded to other therapies. Many have been able to avoid spinal surgery and gone on to live normal pain free lives after being a patient on the IDD programme.

Established in 1991

Osteopathy is helpful for:

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IDD Therapy Disc Treatment

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Excellence in osteopathy since 1991

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