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Our clinics focus on creating a serene calm setting, whilst at the same time delivering a pro-active, unique service. Over 40,000 patients have consulted us in the last 25 years. 90% of all new patients come to us recommended by our existing patients and many healthcare professionals who give good testimonials about our service. Get in touch with us today!

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•   Fast appointments

•   Release from pain

•   Comfortable environment

•   Quickly resolving problems

•   Qualified staff

•   Expert impartial advice

What you can expect from us?

Our osteopathic care involves manual treatment that is sensitive and respectful to your needs. Our qualified osteopaths use their hands to detect and correct your problems and thus promote the natural mechanics of the body. You can be assured of a gentle and effective therapy.

Osteopathy is natural medicine

Our team will take the time to really appreciate your personal needs. The team take a comprehensive view on how to uplift your physical health and create a programme tailored just for you.

We treat each patient in a unique way

 Our team has great combined expertise; see any of the team for great results!

You can rely on our experienced team of osteopaths

Shambhu Manandhar

At Naval Mair Osteopathy & Wellbeing, our aim has always been to provide a genuinely caring and professional service for our patients.

Naval Mair graduated from The British School of Osteopathy in 1991. He is the Director of the practice.


Naval oversees all consultations and is involved with the patient management of every patient. There are regular practice meetings and all patients are discussed. He thinks this is vital for good patient care.


Naval has worked globally in the field, teaching Osteopathy within its different specialities. He was Consultant in Charge for the world famous Osteopathic Centre for Children in London. He has collaborated and has worked under world leaders in Osteopathy such as Stuart Korth DO, Dr Steven Sandler DO, PhD, Prof. Renzo Mollinari DO & Dr Viola Frymann DO.


He has been taught by the world’s best like Dr James Jealous DO, Stuart Korth DO, Prof. Laurie Hartman DO, Dr Stephen Sandler DO PhD, Colin Dove DO, John Wernham DO, to name a few.

Shambhu Manandhar, Osteopath

Shambhu uses an 'Integrated Osteopathic Approach'. He shares Naval's 'Bio - psycho -social' stance in Osteopathy and wellness... One of ghe reasons why Naval asked him to join the team.  Shambhu gets great satisfaction in helping others improve their health and to help them know how the body works. He graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2011. He has worked with Naval since he graduated and is in demand at the practice. Patients really enjoy being looked after by Shambhu. Shambhu believes that Osteopathy is a great way to help the body finds its balance. He follows the philosophy that Osteopathy engages the mind and body connection, thus facilitating good health. Western Medical Acupuncture (WMA) is another approach that Shambhu brings to the practice. He is very well established in this field. In WMA dry needles are inserted into areas of the body to reduce pain by creating some physiological changes. It is based on modern anatomy, physiology and pathology and is evidence-based medicine.

Alessia Iannibelli, Osteopath

If you'd like to see a traditionaly trained Italian Osteopath with an amazing British Masters degree in Osteopathy, then look no further. You will not be disappointed!


Naval sought out Alessia to come and work in his practice to deliver excellence in Osteopathy.


Pain management ,strategies and complete understanding of injuries for patients is vital in Alessia's opinion. The speed at which a patient heals is dependant upon how a patient actually percieves what is actually wrong with them. Alessia will pin down a likely diagnosis and rapid recovery treatment plans for amazing results for all her patients.


As a competitive cyclist her experience in this field is respected and whilst obstetrics, paediatrics and well woman health, athletics and sports injuries are the mainstay of her practice. Alessia welcomes patients from all walks of life.


Monta, Joyce and Asya are our admin trio. Managed and guided by Naval constantly they work together to provide a great service for our wide ranging and varied client base.

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Terms & conditions for patients . Cancellations policy.

Any amendments to online bookings once booked can only be made by telephoning 020 8812 3733 within the hours: Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm. Amendments cannot be made online. Any amendments to this booking must comply with our terms and conditions and cancellations policy set out below.

1. Please note that in line with the cancellation policy:

a. No refunds will be made in the event of missing your appointment

b. No refunds will be made if you cancel that appointment within 24 hours of your appointment.

c.  In the case of a Monday appointment, no refunds will be made if you cancel that appointment within 48 hours of your appointment.

d.  In the case of an appointment on a day after a public holiday, no refunds will be made if you cancel that appointment within 48 hours of your appointment

2. Your first appointment will last approximately one hour. You will be asked about your complaint, your health, and your medical history. As with any healthcare appointment, your confidentiality is assured and nobody will be contacted about your appointment without your permission.

3.  If you have scans, x rays, or other reports, please bring them with you.

4. Wear comfortable clothing and modest underwear. You may be asked to undress to your underwear. This is so your osteopath can see how your body moves and what might be causing your pain. You will have a gown for your modesty, to cover areas not being treated.

5. You are welcome to bring a friend or relative with you.

6. If the patient is 16 or under, then parental/ guardianship accompaniment  is required. Only with pre - arrangement and with written parental / guardian consent can a minor be seen without the accompaniment of their parent/ guardian

7. Your osteopath will use their clinical training to conduct a physical examination.

8. Your osteopath will tell you what they think is wrong and discuss how it can be treated. In most consultations there is time for treatment; however if your complaint is complex or you have an extensive medical history it may take more time. When the consultation holds unique emphasis in situations such as this, there may be little or no Osteopathic treatment. We do however always aim to provide Osteopathic treatment within the consultation period.

9. Your osteopath will discuss a treatment plan with you. With your permission, treatment will commence. You can ask questions or ask to stop at any time.

10. You may be offered diet and exercise advice, or advice on how to better set up your working environment. Your Osteopath will explain why these approaches may expedite and facilitate better health for you.

11. If needed, we will work closely with your doctors and other healthcare professionals.

12. From time to time, these terms and conditions will be modified and patients should peruse these terms  via our website when ever undergoing treatment.

Our Osteopaths work closely with Naval on a daily basis. So consulting any of our team ; you will be treated with the same unrivalled care that has made this practice such a success!

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IMG_6096 Marco Antonetto Profile 3

Marco Antonetto, Osteopath


Naval's most recent protege is Italian Osteopath Marco Antonetto. Marco follows the ethos "The only way to do great work is to love what you do!"  Both Marco and Naval are very similar in their passion about 'putting the patient first'. They both believe in  'results-led' practice.


Here's the story: Ever since his high school days, Marco has always been attracted by excellence. Even then he was given recognition for his work entitled “Obsession of excellence”, a dissertation inspired by two Italian entrepreneurs that reached success doing what they loved ; starting from nothing.

Marco had always felt attracted by the world of medicine. The healing arts had run in his family, and he was mentored for a short while by doctor in Italy who had become an Osteopath. This doctor believed that Osteopathy would be considered the medicine of excellence in the future. Marco  was fascinated by these words and he decided to start the study of Osteopathic Medicine at the International College of Osteopathic Medicine.

To date Marco has had more than 1300 clinical hours with in excess of 200 patients. Naval and Marco work closely. Cranial and Visceral Osteopathy also make up a component of his work today. Marco’s high standards of professional ethic and wide experience within Osteopathy given his time in the profession are what attracted Naval to hire him.

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